Meet the Ladies of Periwinkle: Katie

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Meet Katie! Another one of our new part-timers here at Periwinkle who just recently moved to the area from Denver, Colorado!
What is your favorite food? Anything with avocados or cilantro. For dessert anything mocha or chocolate. 
If trapped on a deserted island but allowed one item, what would it be? 70 plus sunblock! Have you seen how pale I am? One of my family nicknames is Paste.
Maxi Dress or Mini Dress? Maxi all the way!
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation 
Pool or Beach? Beach -- Lake or Ocean.
#1 item on your bucket list? I've done #1 already but #2 would be to visit the Holy Land or the Great Barrier Reef or Thailand -- I like to travel!
Who is your celebrity crush? Toss up between Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender
Interesting fact about yourself? I am one of eight kids. 
Favorite Periwinkle Items?
1. The Beaded Halter Maxi in Navy. "I love me a maxi dress! I plan to wear it to my sister's wedding rehearsal dinner this summer."
2. Pink Geometric Tunic. "Love this casual blouse. Love the pink, plus it goes with jeans or a pair of leggings."
3. Dotted Blazer. "I love that this blazer can go either casual or dressy if paired over a lovely summery dress.  Definitely a wardrobe staple."


Make sure to introduce yourself to Katie the next time you are shopping! 

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