Meet the Ladies of Periwinkle: Terina

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Meet Terina! A newcomer to the Periwinkle staff. 
What is your favorite food? I love all kinds of fruit! If I could, I would eat only fruit for the rest of my life. Its just so delicious! Summertime has always been my favorite time of the year because back home in Hawaii, the mangos are in season. I remember climbing trees all day long as a kid and pick the best mango to eat while I bike home from the beach.
If trapped on a deserted island but allowed one item, what would it be? Probably a really good book. I don't think any one thing could save me so I'd like to at least be entertained if I'm all alone and on my way to heaven!
Maxi Dress or Mini Dress? Mini dress! With a big fat bow on the back because they are my favorite. Mini's are so much ore fun and even though maxi's are relaxing, they seem so serious.
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? My super power would definitely be to teleport. Plane tickets from Hawaii are expensive. 
Pool or Beach? Beach, hands down. Pools don't have waves although, I did play water-polo and was on the swim team so I still like pools a little.
#1 item on your bucket list? Visit Rome to see my favorite sculpture, Boxer of Quirinal at the National Museum of Rome.
Who is your celebrity crush? There are too many to count. Even though he is way older than me, I would go with Robert Downey Jr. because he is one sexy beast.
An interesting fact about yourself? I'm not that interesting, but one random fact about me is that when I was a junior in high school, I was a state finalist in the Doodle for Google competition.  
Favorite Periwinkle Items?
1. The Fourth of the July Bow Tank. "I absolutely love it and need it! I will buy it for the 4th of July!"
2. Eyelet Dress. "I would wear this dress to dinner dates or to work because I feel like you could use it for so many things!"
3. Stripe Pleat Skirt. "Summer is all about stripes."
Make sure to introduce yourself to Terina the next time you are shopping!

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