trends come and go and suddenly come around again.  fashion keeps being reinvented and styles and looks that were popular years ago become new in a fresh way.  I have found that if I loved a trend my first time around with it, then I love it when it is back.  If I didn't embrace it earlier in life then I am less inclined to embrace it this time around.  
Culottes for me are a trend I loved in the 80's and I have loved that they are back.  I find a fitted waist and full leg so flattering on everyone and such a nice change from all the tight skinny jeans I have embraced for years.  
Invest in a classic culotte that you can wear like any great pant or skirt in your wardrobe. 
Here are  some favorites that Periwinkle carries.  The culotte can be dressed up or dressed down, it is reminiscent of the 50's classics of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.
It is a trend I hope stays around for a long time, but I do appreciate that we live in a time when all styles can be "in" and we can dress to flatter our figures and make us feel great!